My precious family

My precious family

Monday, April 11, 2011

I love how my children love eachother.  They have such sweet actions towards eachother (not all of the time).

Acouple of examples today:

Ben was crying this morning when he woke up so Weston crawled into his bed, gave him his binkies and showed him stuffed animals.  They were both soon having a full on conversation.  (Yes, those are gloves by Benji's head... His little fingers get cold at night : ) ).

Another citing of sisterly love, (which I  didn't catch on film because I was driving) whenever we are driving anywhere, Lilly and Ben hold hands the whole time.  It truly is the sweetest thing to see.

This picture is of the kids at the Johnny Carino's field trip that I planned for the MOMS Club.  They had a ton of fun learning about pasta, pizza, and being able to make their own pizzas and Italian sodas!  YUMMY!

Ben is growing and changing SOOO much!  I  can hardly believe in 2 short weeks he will be 7 months old!  He is mobile.... He can roll all the way across the room for something or even push his feet and scout a little bit.  His brother and sister are promoting movement (I wish I could put a weight vest on him to hold him back).  His mommy isn't quite ready for him to be mobile!

We are off to San Diego for a week of SUN and FUN!  We cannot wait!  I will update in a week with pictures and much more!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A new way to communicate...

Well, I  am cancelling my facebook account soon and thought blogging may be a fun way to let people know how my family is doing and to post cute pictures of my kiddos.  Stay tuned for a great blog... The Shaffers are headed to San Diego next week for the wedding of Mark and Hilda Shaffer and a mini vacation for our own family.  I will share details in acouple of weeks!